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Flying White Dots is a guy called Bryan who has some sixteen years DJing experience and started to make bootleg mashups in 2005 and branched out into cosmic disco re edits in 2010.

After being taught a few tricks by Eric Kleptone, Flying White Dots started to experiment in 2006 with mixing MOR vocals with psychedelic music of various forms. Six months later, the finished article, an album called Staring At The Sky, was released and created a massive buzz in the underground scene. With such unlikely combinations such as Carole King with the Flaming Lips and Nathan Fake with the Rolling Stones and lots of sound effects to boot, this was something entirely different from anything else that was happening at the time.

Having made Eddy Temple Morris's Bombs of the Year in 2006, 2007 saw Bryan get his first airplay on Radio One, thanks to Rob da Bank, who later described Flying White Dots as his favourite bootleg mashup type band. The follow up album Into The Great Unknown followed in October that year and it was agreed by many that this was better than the first one, with much attention given to Walking On Clouds, a recreation of the Orb's Little Fluffy Clouds, and Your Poetry, a track that blended the vocal of Elton John's Your Song over a beautiful downtempo track by Squarepusher.

2008 saw Flying White Dots warm up for the Orb with a spectacular audio visual extravaganza and this was followed later in the year with 3D, the third album, which was darker, deeper and more textured than the previous two. This was followed in 2009 with an appearance on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square for Anthony Gormley's OneAndOther project and the fourth album CMYK, probably the happiest album he had made to date.

After playing an extremely well received uptempo set of cosmic disco, electro, techno and rock at Brighton's Concorde 2 for Halloween 2009, Bryan suffered a major setback in November 2009 with a horrific hand injury in Cambodia which left him unable to fully bend his middle finger.

That didn't stop him though. A triumphant set in the Wishing Tree on Sunday night at Bestival 2010 saw a hedonistic crowd grooving, smiling, swaying their arms and singing along at the top of their voices to every word of his unique interpretations of Your Song, Rocketman, You're So Vain and Hotel California.

This was followed in 2011 with a new residency in the Ambient Forest at Bestival and a truly epic cosmic disco set in the Wishing Tree, which continued in 2012. This time also saw FWD go back to the studio and start gathering ideas for the fifth full length album as well as dabbling in remixing - including the mighty Tangerine Dream and a hugely popular remix of Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon.

Finally in 2013 the album was finished and entitled Barracuda.

The story continues.

Bookings/contact: bryan@flyingwhitedots.com